Adriana Figueroa

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About Adriana

Adriana Figueroa is an American vocalist well-known for her original music and popular covers of gaming and animation-related songs on YouTube. Since starting her channel in 2010, her passion for singing in various styles has attracted an audience of nearly 500,000 subscribers, and her videos have been viewed more than 120 million times.

In addition to her solo work, she works professionally as a freelance recording artist both remotely and on-site, lending her talents to various projects and bringing melodies to life with soaring vocals and original lyrics.

Adriana's voice has been featured in video games such as Hi-Rez Studio's SMITE and various indie favorites. When she isn’t singing or doing other creative work, she enjoys petting dogs, eating pasta, and playing the many video games that inspire her for enjoyment.

Heavily inspired by film and video game soundtracks from a young age, Adriana’s vocal style is influenced by classic singers in animation such as Lea Salonga, Jodi Benson, and Liz Callaway. With these influences and years of training behind her, she specializes in infusing earnest emotion and vocal clarity into a variety of musical styles and languages.

Adriana’s demo showcases her versatile ability in Folk, Pop, Ballad, Rap, Opera, Rock, Jazz, & Ethereal vocals.

Demo Reel

Adriana's music is available on digital distributors world-wide, as well as on YouTube.

In addition to being a studio recording artist, Adriana also streams live performances on Twitch twice a week for her audience, and performs at video game focused conventions and events throughout the year.


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Saying Hello

For general comments or questions, follow Adriana on social media to say hello and keep up with her work